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Within the air control industry, American Warming and Ventilating’s engineering leadership is unchallenged. Our special emphasis on all requirements during the design phase assures you that all of our louvers, shutters, sunshades, and dampers are designed to the highest standards.

Each phase in the engineering process is closely monitored and controlled by specific written procedures. These procedures were developed to cover industry standards, as well as critical standards required by the nuclear industry.

AWV also employs the latest electronic design technology in products like our isolation dampers. Customer information, such as submittal drawings, shop detail drawings, or final drawings, can be transmitted via e-mail or on disc. Our use of computer-aided design systems ensures accuracy throughout the entire engineering and manufacturing processes of all products like our bubble tight dampers.

We have significant experience with supplying custom air control products, such as our isolation dampers and bubble tight dampers, to a vast array of industries. Our proven expertise in these highly specialized fields cannot be matched by any other manufacturer. Contact us today to speak with our highly-trained experts about how AWV can customize our products to perfectly fit your project’s specific needs.