Atmos Air Solutions

AtmosAir™ eliminates pollutants and restores air quality in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. When you choose AtmosAir™, you’ll refresh your indoor environment with the same clean, pure air found only at the highest mountain elevations. From erasing odors to eliminating VOCs, bacteria, dust particles, toxic mold, odors, and ultrafine dust. AtmosAir™ provides Visibly Cleaner Air™— guaranteed.

The US Environmental Protection Agency named indoor air quality as one of the top 5 health threats in the U.S. That’s because as buildings become more energy efficient, they’re less likely to circulate fresh, clean air — and more likely to accumulate unsafe levels of particles, dangerous bacteria, spores and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

At AtmosAir™ they understand environmental solutions also need to be cost effective. When you choose AtmosAir™, you’re supplying your building with an all-natural solution to one of the greatest environmental threats today. You’ll also save money, because you’ll reduce future heating and cooling expenses — they guarantee it.


Estimate how much you can save with the AtmosIQ™ energy savings software to learn more.