For over seven decades Baltimore Aircoil Company has been dedicated to the development of innovative, cost effective heat transfer solutions for its customers. This has established BAC as the global leader of factory assembled evaporative heat rejection and thermal storage equipment. Ongoing investment in research, combined with an advanced R&D laboratory facility enables BAC to consistently offer technology and products to meet developing industry demands.

BAC offers the widest array of evaporative heat rejection and thermal storage equipment in the industry. Breadth of product enables BAC to provide its customers with optimized solutions to meet their specific needs. Whether an application calls for open or closed circuit, axial or centrifugal fan, special materials of construction or unique layout considerations, BAC has the right solution.

All BAC products are engineered to minimize lifecycle costs through a combination of low energy consumption and low maintenance. An extensive array of product and options address such issues as sound, energy and reduced water consumption requirements.

All standard BAC cooling towers, both open and closed circuit, are independently certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI). This ensures published thermal capacities for BAC cooling towers accurately reflect actual thermal performance, eliminating the need for customers to conduct costly individual cooling tower testing.