Durkee Sox

DurkeeSox is a subsidiary of US registered DURKEE INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRY Ltd, a multi-national high-tech enterprise, with a focus on HVAC/R industry. As a manufacturing & servicing oriented organization, DurkeeSox has established two manufacturing centers(China and USA ) , 3 sales and service centers ( China, Asia and America ) . Being a world renowned fabric air dispersion system supplier, DurkeeSox has become a dominant leading brand in the great Asian market.

As an advocate of precise air distribution conception for years, and armed with leading technology, high-tech fabric material, DurkeeSox insists on using global top-level manufacturing technology and standard to produce the highest quality fabric air dispersion system products. It has acquired many national and regional standard quality certificates, such as, international QA system ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001, OHS18001, North American UL AJIJ and Ac167 products certification, European EN testing and China NFTC testing.

So far DurkeeSox air dispersion system has been widely used in various industries world-wide, such as supermarkets food industry and public facilities, electronic industry, logistics industry in all Asia, Europe, and North / South America. It’s been consistently approved by countless renowned clients, including Beijing Olympics, Carrefour, Kraft and Shanghai world Expo, all these successful applications have made DurkeeSox an international brand.

Driven by our strong and energetic team where any innovative ideas can promptly transfer into new products, our ongoing effort will strive for the optimum solution.