Genesis Air

Genesis Air has been improving air quality all over the world since 2003. They do not just filter pollutants out of the air, they destroy them. This is accomplished through a process called Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO). The goal is to significantly improve IAQ in various applications, from hospitals to schools, to airports and beyond. The approach uses the best possible technology to do more than filter bad particles from the air. The equipment uses powerful and groundbreaking technology to accomplish this goal. Key benefits of the IAQ equipment include:

  • Significant reduction of microbiological elements (viruses, bacteria and fungi / mold) by destroying organic airborne pollutants on contact.
  • Reduction of organic odors caused by VOCs
  • Reduction of engine exhaust fumes by converting the toxic substances to benign.
  • Remove irritating desorption or flammable products and vapor-phase contaminants.
  • Minimal maintenance and longer lifecycle than other air cleaning technologies.
  • Easily retrofit into existing air handling systems.
  • Factory engineered and installed options available.
  • Curb-mounted for use with existing and new rooftop packaged systems.
  • Portable and duct-mounted versions.