Griswold Water Systems

A member of the Griswold family of companies, and started in 1936 by Donald Griswold, we share water business experience with our international sister companies, Cla-Val and Griswold Controls. After two decades of producing American-made high-quality welded filtration products, including a complete line of high-efficiency centrifugal separators and cooling tower basin sweepers, Griswold Water Systems pioneered non-chemical water treatment using electrodynamic field generation. Our unique synergy between advanced filtration and the most advanced water treatment has meant cleaner, greener, and more reliable HVAC systems for our customers. Our products have eliminated scale and bacteria, and controlled corrosion in thousands of our customers’ cooling systems, without the use of toxic chemicals. The three-fold result: more reliable HVAC system operation, a truly green water treatment solution, and an excellent return on investment.