Pure Humidifier Company

At PURE Humidifier, we offer a complete line of versatile, efficient and reliable direct Steam Injection, Steam Heat Exchanger, Electric Self-Contained Humidifiers, and Gas Fired Humidifiers for industrial and commercial applications. We also offer the INTAC® Control System and Insty-Pac Rapid Dissipation Type Tube Assembly Package and other accessories. You can choose from several humidification systems utilizing a variety of energy sources, so you get a system precisely designed for your particular requirements.

For 24 years, we have been a family owned-and-operated business who is as proud of our hardworking and knowledgeable staff, as we are of our line of hardworking and reliable products.

We have a state-of-the-art research and development department that includes an extensive on-site testing facility. We utilize the latest in computerized testing equipment, along with a 60-foot long test duct section to test our complete product line of commercial and industrial humidifiers for performance and dissipation characteristics in virtually any environmental condition. This allows us to test a variety of systems to determine the smartest solution for your application.

From development and testing to manufacturing, we do it all in our Chaska, Minnesota facility, so you’re assured both the highest quality humidification system and the shortest possible lead-time.

We also pride ourselves on being innovators in the industry and boast numerous patents on highly advanced and efficient humidifier designs.

All of our products are backed by our unrivalled customer service and our written guarantee, so you know our service won’t stop with the sale.