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Pool Dehumidification Units

Are you in the market for an indoor pool dehumidifier? You’re in the right place!

Indoor pool dehumidification is a tricky business with serious comfort, health and safety risks. Heat, humidity and chemicals combine to create complex environments that are hard on buildings and hard on equipment. Yet, user comfort and enjoyment depends on exacting standards and a delicate balance of temperatures and humidity that leave no room for error, equipment malfunction or downtime.

Founded by three of the most respected and experienced authorities in the dehumidifier industry, Seresco’s mission was to solve these challenges better than any other manufacturer in the business. And we did it.

We provide an end-to-end solution that leaves nothing to chance. Our consulting and equipment specification services are second to none. We manufacture the most reliable, technologically advanced and energy efficient products our industry has ever seen, and we combine that with our revolutionary WebSentry technology. Nothing provides greater value, convenience or peace-of-mind than WebSentry’s 24-7 factory performance monitoring, secure remote trouble-shooting capabilities, and email maintenance reminders for the lifetime of your equipment.

Whether you’re an owner, architect, engineer or contractor, Seresco delivers expertise, equipment and value you can count on. We look forward to working with you!